Whatever I am

You made it.

You’re forgetting me

And I don’t know whether to mourn or celebrate.

But then I remembered you never remembered me in the first place so what is there to mourn.

When people don’t realize how insecure I actually am

Oh here, let me put all my insecurities out in the open where people can use them against me. Silly me, trying to keep them hidden so assholes like you don’t realize how sensitive I actually am.

I really tried to be good

I didn’t do the best job at it.

But I really tried.

I knew it was stupid

But I plunged headfirst into it anyways. 

You see

The difference is that my whole life, I’ve wanted nothing more but to make you happy.

While you’ve wanted nothing more but to make me miserable.

Only I can save myself

I’m my own superhero.

It took me a long time to realize I’m not as ugly as they led me to believe.

Me and you

We were a pair made in hell.

I would rather be someone who forgives too much

Than forgive not enough.